[Effects and effects of fried mulberry branches]_Think_Benefits

[Effects and effects of fried mulberry branches]_Think_Benefits

Mulberry branch is actually the mulberry branch we often see in our daily life. Mulberry branch is generally used as a traditional Chinese medicine. Generally, mulberry branch is cut into slices and dried, whether it is used for soup or soaked in waterThen, the effect is very good, it can be mainly used to treat rheumatism or arthritis, and the effect is also very good. The following describes the efficacy and role of fried mulberry branches.

The efficacy and role of fried mulberry branches 1.

Qufengxie, Tongxueluo “The Essentials of Zhengzhi”?

“Stroke” said: “Winds are also used, from light to sensation, from severe to injury, and from severe to moderate.

If the wind is in the meridians, the qi and blood will not run smoothly, and the meridians will lose their support, and the limbs will be restrained. If the wind is on the skin, the qi and blood will be blocked between the skin, the veins will not be in harmony, and the skin will melt like insects and itching.

Mulberry Qufeng Tongluo is used for qi and blood, limb extremity, and itching, and it is used for limb restraint and skin itching.


For rheumatism, the joints are used for wind, cold and dampness.

“Treatment of symptoms?

“Bi disease theory” said: “Bi, who also closed.

Meridian occlusion and paralysis.

Or the attack is painful, or the joints are coagulated, or the focus is difficult to move, so the name is closed.

“Winner of wind and qi is paralysis, the number of wind changes, so the joint pain is on the upper side, and the lower limbs are constantly moving; colder is pain, cold stagnation, qi and blood obstruction are more severe, so the joint pain is painful, and the pain is fixed.Humidity is paralysis, wet stickiness and turbidity, and heavy joint numbness.

Mulberry has a bitter taste, flat, good at walking through the limbs, dispels wind and dryness, dampness and collaterals, disperse the wind evil of paralysis, stagnates the stagnation of pain, removes blood stagnation of pain, and treats the wind, cold, and dampness.paralysis.
Therefore, “Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Professional joints, nourishing fluids, water and dispelling wind.


It is good for water, edema, and used for beriberi.

The spleen is soil, like dryness and dampness, and the external humidity is caused by the spleen, or the spleen is deficient in cold and wetness, which causes the spleen to lose its health, affects the fluid distribution and deforms the edema, is full of potential, the moisture is bet and the lower limbs are swollen.It can even ulcerate into sores, called beriberi. The mulberry branch is flat into the spleen and lungs, and the source of water is above the water, so that the swelling of the spleen and soil is dry.Dehumidification, beriberi will heal itself.

In the “Shengji General Record”, the mulberry branch is used as a single medicine. After being fried, it will be liters of water and fried for two times.

Very effective.

Compatibility of mulberry branches1.

With mulberry leaves, both dredging, clearing heat and clearing wind, relieving the pain, relieving the pain of the wind.

Mostly used for wind, cold, dampness, heat and paralysis.


With mulberry parasitism, one supplement and one pass, mutual use, nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and bones, expelling rheumatism, communicating channels, analgesic and lowering blood pressure.


With Guizhi, Wenjing Sanhan, Tongluo analgesic, Qufeng Zhubi effective.

Mostly used for wind cold dampness, sore shoulders and joints.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Mulberry branch, which specializes in rheumatism and contraction, has Guizhi to treat the pain of shoulder and arm.


With tamarisk branches, it has strong dispelling wind, good qi and antipruritic effect, bathing with more decoction, curing rubella and body itch, itching and other symptoms.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Li Zhi, willow willow branches washed all over itching.

4 How to make mulberry branches Mulberry branches: remove impurities, wash, soak in water, moisten, cut into sections, and dry.

Fried mulberry branches: Take the net mulberry branches and fry them in a pot until they are pale yellow and let cool.

Another method is to add bran and stir-fry to a deep yellow color, sieve to remove the bran and let cool.

(100 kg per mulberry branch, 20 kg with bran) Wine mulberry branch: take the mulberry branch and spray well with wine, stir-fry in a pot until slightly yellow, and cool

100 kg per mulberry branch, 15 kg of wine.