[Why ca n’t I eat chocolate during a holiday]_Menstruation_Impact

[Why ca n’t I eat chocolate during a holiday]_Menstruation_Impact

Women must pay attention to their diet when they come for a holiday. Some things cannot be eaten. Some say that chocolate is best not to eat. The reason why they do n’t eat chocolate is because chocolate contains some phenol compounds. It canIncreasing the oxides in the blood will easily lead to aggravation of menstruation and breast cancer pain. Except for chocolate, some cold foods of bamboo shoot field snails should not be eaten.

Why ca n’t I eat chocolate during the holiday? Every month when I come, I have to toss in bed for a long time, dysmenorrhea is really intolerable. Some people have heard that eating chocolate during menstruation can alleviate dysmenorrhea. For this situation, many women want to ensure good health, So maintain a doubtful attitude, so always ask if you can eat chocolate during menstruation?

What should I not eat during my period?

Can I eat chocolate during my period?

You can eat some, but not overdose.

Experts point out that chocolate has a certain effect of alleviating dysmenorrhea, and you can eat it appropriately, but do not overdo it, so as not to bring too many alternatives.

The phenolic compound of chocolate can not only prevent the chocolate itself from being slightly corrupted and acidified, but also can be quickly absorbed by the blood vessels after being ingested into the human body, the antioxidant content in the blood is significantly increased, and it quickly acts as a resistance to stopLDL oxidizes and inhibits the activity of platelets in blood vessels.

These phenol substances play an important role in keeping blood flow in human blood vessels.

Chocolate contains catecholamines, which can make women aggravate menstrual irritability and breast pain during menstruation, so you can eat chocolate during menstruation, but in moderation.

Chocolate is a high-energy food, which can quickly replenish the energy required by the human body.

Chocolate protein content is relatively low, but trace content is high.

The best way to eat chocolate is to chop it into small pieces and eat slowly, which is easy to satisfy and full.

Menstrual period can not eat anything 1, bamboo shoots bamboo shoots cold, but also contains longer crude fiber and insoluble calcium oxalate, should be avoided during menstruation.

2. Tianluo Tianluo has great cold and can clear heat.

Therefore, women do not eat cold snails and other cold things during menstruation.

3, crabs, crabs, cold, can clear heat, cool blood and dissipate blood stasis, women during menstruation, avoid cold and cold things, especially people with cold dysmenorrhea, should not eat.

4. Tangerines are delicious, and they are unhealthy. They can’t help but eat more, but they are cold fruits. They are good for those who are hot, and those who are cold should not eat them.

5. Oranges and oranges look almost the same.

And both belong to the same category, cold fruits.

Therefore, like oranges, people who have a cold body must eat less.

6. Bananas Many people think that they should belong to hot fruits, but actually they are not. Bananas are cold fruits, so if you are banned from eating cold foods, bananas are also one of them.

7. Mango Mango is a cold fruit.

Generally, people with a cold constitution or people with a relatively cold constitution are not easy to eat, especially if women cannot touch one of them during the regular vacation.

8. Persimmons contain carboxylic acids, which are easy to combine with iron and hinder the body’s intake of iron in food. Since women lose a lot of blood during menstruation and need iron supplements, it is not appropriate to eat persimmons.