[The practice of steaming lean broth]_Steaming_How to make

[The practice of steaming lean broth]_Steaming_How to make

The taste of steamed lean broth is to give people a sweet and sweet taste. You can also find that it tastes beautiful when you taste it carefully. You can choose the ingredients you add according to your hobbies. The effect of different ingredients on the human body.They are all different. You can add some red dates or wolfberry, etc. in order to achieve health and health care, and it is also conducive to absorption in the body. What is the method of steaming lean broth?

First, what are the methods of steaming lean broth?

  Prepare lean meat, ginger, salt, raw flour, soy sauce and peanut oil.

It is best to choose lean meat for lean meat. The meat in these parts is tender, delicious, and chewy.

Wash the lean meat on the faucet and wash it carefully. Often there will be some pig hair and other impurities on it.

Drain the lean meat, cut off the fat on it, and cut it into thin slices or small pieces.

Cut the lean meat in a ceramic bowl.

Cut an appropriate amount of peeled ginger, wash and drain, and cut into shredded ginger or thin slices.

Add ginger to a bowl of lean meat, add an appropriate amount of salt, raw flour, soy sauce and two drops of peanut oil (not too much oil) and stir for 5 minutes, then add half a cup of water.

Put it into the rice cooker and press the “Cook Rice” button, wait 45 minutes, and steam it with the rice. A kind of steamed lean broth is ready. The taste is sweet, simple and delicious. Very good.

Second, the soup is also nutritious, but the main nutrition is still on the meat. The best way is to eat both the meat and the soup. Drink only the soup and not the meat. It is not the essence that is consumed, but the essence that is left out.

In fact, the meat is more nutritious than the soup, and the nutritional value of the soup is not high.

The substance in the soup is very limited; even after years of simmering and boiling, the soup contains only a small amount of small molecular substances, in addition to the oil and content, the purified content is also very large, objectively speaking it is notnutrition.

In fact, what is easier to digest and absorb at this time is the meat that has been repeatedly stewed and contains important nutrients such as protein, sugar, and auntie. Therefore, the most healthy way to eat should be to eat meat, and the soup is only seasoning.

What are the methods of steaming lean broth?

Wash all kinds of materials, remove the red dates, cut thin slices of lean meat, add cold water in the stew pot, add red dates, round meat, Shouwu, add lean meat, put in the stew pot, set the soup mode, and simmer for 90 minutes, Add wolfberry 5 minutes before the pan, season with salt.