[Your private health is unhealthy-four ways to see clearly]

[Is your private part healthy?

Four moves to see clearly]

How do you tell about vaginal health?

How can privacy be healthy?

Below, I will introduce 4 ways to teach you to understand the health of women’s private parts.

First, appearance Under normal circumstances, the vagina and vulva often have a small amount of secretions to maintain a moderate level of moisture, which is the leucorrhea; it consists of vaginal mucosal exudates, cervical glands and endometrial secretions, and contains the vaginaEpithelium removes cells.

Normal leucorrhea is mostly transparent and looks like egg white, clean and moderate.

Chinese medicine believes that those with spleen deficiency have white or pale yellow, those with kidney deficiency have cold, those with hot dampness have yellow thick, and those with wet poison have yellow-green like pus.

Western medicine says that if vaginal secretions increase and become thin foamy, accompanied by itching of the vulva, beware of trichomonas vaginitis; if the vaginal discharge becomes tofu-like, and there is urinary pain, or even sexual intercourse pain, attention should be paid toVaginitis!

Suggestions: 1. Don’t forget to protect yourself in the sweet moment of forgetfulness. The use of condoms is a manifestation of being responsible for each other’s love.

2. Pay more attention to protection in swimming pools, bath centers, public toilets and other places to avoid being unintentionally infected with the disease.

3. Wash the underwear with boiling water. When the vulva and vagina maintain a slightly alkaline Ph value, it will not be conducive to the growth of Candida.