[Can Anhua Black Tea treat skin diseases?

】 _Benefit_Function

[Can Anhua Black Tea treat skin diseases?
】 _Benefit_Function

Black tea is a collective name for a type of tea. Many common teas belong to black tea. The main places of production are in Yunnan, Sichuan, and Hubei.

The most common black tea is Anhua black tea, which is very popular. The reason why the so-called tea is popular is that it has strong health and healing effects.

So, can skin patients drink Anhua black tea?

Let’s take a look at the efficacy of Anhua black tea.

The efficacy of Anhua black tea: 1. In the initial period of delivery, you feel weak, feel unconscious or similar to a cold. After continuing, the symptoms will disappear naturally. The length of time will be due to the concentration of black tea, the variety, the number of times you drink, and the amount.Initial tea or other factors, such as drinking, vary from person to person.

2. Patients with heart disease, stroke, and thrombosis may have a heavy feeling at the beginning of tea drinking, and can start drinking light black tea (without stopping the drug, regular monitoring indicators should be reduced after the drug is stable).

3. High blood pressure, diabetes, sudden high and low levels of hyperlipidemia in the early stage, the reaction will be quick after a few minutes, soaking hands and feet with black tea, there will be fatigue, drowsiness and deathAppropriate reduction).

4, low blood pressure, hypoglycemia, some people will change early in the beginning of anemia, eat some desserts or add milk and sugar to tea, and you can add it normally after insisting on renewing.

5. In the early stage of drinking tea for patients with cerebral thrombosis, edema appeared in the legs. Continue to drink and insist to soak hands and feet with black tea.

Continue to take medicine and insist on rehabilitation training.

6, upset, chest tightness, shortness of breath, is a reaction to improve heart disease after drinking tea.

7, after drinking tea, dry sensation, thirst, loss of appetite, belly, snoring, and exhaust are all adjusted responses.

Stomach cold reasons, stomach can be added with black tea with ginger.

8. Eyes appear on the eyes, indicating that there is disease in the eyes. Drink light tea or adjust the type of tea, wash the eyes with fresh tea water, and add tribute to tea when the liver is hot.

9. Insomnia patients may suffer from insomnia at the beginning of drinking black tea. If you still have insomnia after drinking for 10 days, you should adjust the concentration of tea and tea, and drink tea time.

10. Hypertension, bronchitis, excessive lung waste will cause phlegm.

11, gout, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis may increase pain at the beginning of tea drinking, itching symptoms on the feet, it is recommended to continue drinking black tea while soaking hands and feet.

12. Stomach discomfort is a reaction to stomach problems. A series of drinking will gradually disappear.

If stomach pain caused by tea is intolerable, it means stomach ulcer or severe disease, and hypogastric pain is duodenal ulcer. You need to go to the hospital for examination and continue to drink tea in combination with medication.

Gastric patients who drink tea need to be warm too cold and too fasting should be avoided.

13. Cholecystitis, pancreatitis, and prostatitis will increase in pain.

14. Rhinitis patients will have runny nose at the beginning of drinking tea, and throat patients will have dry throat.

15, constipation is the reaction of fermentation in the early stage of drinking black tea, eating a small bowl of cooked black tea will reduce the pressure.

16, gastrointestinal detoxification during diarrhea phenomenon, it is not clean, sticky is the spleen detoxification after drinking black tea.

17, yin deficiency and hotness are mainly one hundred and two, plus Tianjian, Fu brick, black brick, Yang deficiency fear of cold, mainly Fu brick, plus Tianjian, black brick, one hundred two.