[Can Maternal Eating Gourds]_Breastfeeding_Can I eat

[Can Maternal Eating Gourds]_Breastfeeding_Can I eat

Calabash gourd is common, light taste is more suitable for soup, stir-fry is used to make porridge, there are many types of eating methods, it is more famous, the taste is also a good table for everyone, but considering the body of many people,Therefore, some foods cannot be eaten casually, but the child is relatively weak just after giving birth. Can I eat gourds at this time?

Melons and gourds come from one case, and gourds are a variant of it, so the names are mixed.

Melons are native to Africa and were cultivated in China 7000 years ago, similar to gourds.

So can pregnant women eat cucumber?

Gourd Gourd is an annual vine herb of the genus Cucurbitaceae.

The young melon has a light fruit flavor and tender quality, and is generally recognized for cooking.

In some areas around Hebei, “Zucchini” refers specifically to zucchini, while “Zongzi” refers specifically to Zucchini.

In ancient China, its old and dried husks were used as containers and also for medicinal purposes.

It has been recorded in the Book of Songs.

Gourd is a melon vegetable that can reduce swelling and moisturize the skin.

China has been cultivating since ancient times. Tender fruits can be eaten but not eaten in old age. It is a dish often eaten in summer.

Compared with other fruits and vegetables, the nutritional value is absolute.

Its edible part is tender fruit.

Melon is tender and soft, with a slight sweetness. It is edible after peeling.

Can be fried or wonton soup.

Gourd is widely cultivated in North and South China, and it is widespread in the South. In recent years, it has also been introduced and cultivated in the North.

The nutritional value of the pumpkin has a certain effect on the growth and development of the body and maintains the physiological function of the body, but its nutritional value is reduced with other vegetables.

Different from other fruits, unless the melon or its leaves are eaten when it is tender, it will lose its food value when mature.

Gourd contains protein and a variety of trace elements, which can help enhance the body’s immune function.

At the same time, Gourd is rich in vitamin C, which can promote the synthesis of antibodies and improve the body’s antiviral ability.

Two kinds of protease inhibitors can be isolated from the pumpkin, which can inhibit the protease, thereby reducing the effect of sugar.

The content of carotene in quince is reduced. After eating, it can prevent the synthesis of carcinogens in the human body, thereby reducing the formation of vitamins, thereby reducing the incidence of human cancer, and thus preventing the effect of preventing cancer.

Relevant population The general population eats.

It is especially suitable for patients with low immunity, high blood sugar and cancer.

Nutritional Ingredients of Gourd: It contains 0 protein per 100g.

7 grams, aunt 0.

1 gram, glucose 2.

7 grams, glucose fiber 0.

8 grams, 40 micrograms of carotene, and 0 thiamine.

02mg, riboflavin 0.

01mg, niacin 0.

4mg, ascorbic acid 11mg, potassium 87mg, sodium 0.

6mg, calcium 16mg, magnesium 7mg, iron 0.

4mg, zinc 0.

14mg, selenium 0.

49 μg and so on.

Efficacy and effect of Gourd Gourd1, enhance the body’s immune function.

Gourd contains protein and various trace elements.2, hypoglycemic.

Two protease inhibitors were isolated from the pumpkin, which had an inhibitory effect on the protease, thereby reducing the effect of sugar.

3. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer.

The melon is flat and sweet; it enters the lungs, spleen, and kidney meridians; it has the functions of clearing heat and water, quenching thirst, and detoxifying, and is suitable for treating edema and bloating, irritating fever, thirst, sore, pneumonia, enteritis, diabetes, etc.

Can pregnant women eat melon?
Can eat.

Pregnant women try not to eat cold foods, and the pumpkin is flat, slightly cold, it doesn’t matter if you eat a small amount, but it can also add vitamins and other beneficial ingredients.

However, when eating, you should pay attention to picking not bitter gourds, and must be fully cooked to avoid poisoning.