[Who should n’t eat lotus root?

Beware of these people!

]_Eating Taboo_Eating Taboo

[Who should n’t eat lotus root?
Beware of these people!
]_Eating Taboo_Eating Taboo

The lotus root is made from lotus root. We all only have high nutritional value for lotus root. Therefore, lotus root made from lotus root is also a health product. Therefore, lotus root is very popular in the context of pursuing health care.

But absolutely any kind of food will have two sides, and it is bound to eat less for your health. If you eat more, it will probably affect your health.

So, what kind of person is not suitable for eating flour?

Some people are not suitable to consume lotus root. Everyone is particularly eager to have a healthy body. So special attention will be paid to the diet. Although lotus root is a common food, different people have different effects on improving the body.Some people are not suitable for eating rice flour.

Gastrointestinal, spleen and stomach have poor digestive function. Patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers should avoid lotus root and its products.

Contraindications Obese people eat less powder.

After knowing that some people are not suitable for eating lotus root, we have learned more about the food like lotus root, so that we can usually eat better in our lives, and we will not be harmful to the body due to improper diet.cause some damages.

What are the benefits of drinking lotus root? Lotus root is a relatively common substance, and it is easy to buy on urban surfaces. It is also very helpful for our body, especially for the regulation of the stomach. It can helpWe have an appetizing effect, but many friends are not very clear about the specific effects of lotus root powder. In fact, there are many aspects. So what are the benefits of drinking lotus root powder?

Many people prefer to drink lotus root powder. This kind of method can effectively help themselves without any harm to their own health. It is a good choice for this kind of practice.

Benefits of drinking lotus root: Powder is the liquid sediment that people are used to drinking.

The loquat powder is sweet and flat, can cure heat and thirst, disperse blood, and appetite.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” also records that taking powder to eat and lighten up.

The nutritional value of loquat powder is also high, containing 88% protein and 0 protein.

8%, aunt 0.

5%, and contains a variety of vitamins and calcium, potassium, iron, zinc.

The carbohydrates in lotus root powder are mainly starch, and the starch particles are particularly fine. After being washed with boiling water, it is soft and delicious, and easily digested and absorbed.

Some frail elderly people, drink milk, soy milk feel stomach upset, and bloating, diarrhea, if you change to drink powdered rice, it is ideal.

Milk and soy milk are gas-producing foods, and it is not suitable for frail patients. What are the benefits of drinking lotus root? The above has given you a detailed introduction, so everyone can rest assured when eating lotus root, but we need to consume moderateIf you eat too much, it will easily cause a certain burden on the body. When we eat lotus root, it is best to eat it before meals.