[How to make baked bean fried rice]_ making method _ how to make

[How to make baked bean fried rice]_ making method _ how to make

Fried rice is a very delicious cooking, and this delicious dish is indispensable in people’s recipes.

Fried rice is usually made by using overnight rice. The original intention is to avoid wasting food.

The fried rice is rich in flavor and is fried according to different ingredients. For example, cowpea fried rice is a very common practice. Let ‘s take a look at the practice of cowpea fried rice.

Practice one: 1.

Cowpeas are washed to remove the old tendons, the eggs are broken, and a small amount of salt and cooking wine are adjusted.


Hot water in the pot, add cowpeas after opening, remove and immerse in cold water when cooked, and cut into granules after cooling.


The leftover rice is heated in the microwave.


Heat the oil in the wok. Pour in the egg mixture at 70%, quickly divide it with chopsticks, stir-fry the rice, add the rice and stir well.


Add the extremely fresh soy sauce, mix well, add the baked beans, stir-fry again, mix the chicken essence, and bring it to a pan.

Cooking Techniques 1. Use scoops to scramble the eggs, scramble the reorganized eggs to make them more broken, and blend more with the rice.

2, there is no soy soy sauce, alternative to other soy sauce, or steamed fish stew sauce is also good.

3, the rice is first heated in a microwave oven, it will easily relax when fried.

4, cowpea can also be replaced with other vegetables, some cucumbers, celery, etc., mainly depends on the inventory in the refrigerator.

Method two: 1, the practice of fried pork with minced beans and carob.

2. Wash the beans, choose well, and chop them.

3, any meat is fine, same as chopped.

4, fry the meat in a hot pan and fry it.

5, hot beans in cold oil under the beans, keep frying, be sure to cook.

6. At last, add all the meat and rice and break the rice apart, the grains are the best.

7, turn off the heat, put salt, stir well, and cook.

If you like soy sauce fried rice, you can put soy sauce, if you like spicy, you can add chili, and if you like black pepper, you can put it on the table.

Method 3: 1. Wash the cowpeas and go to both ends.

2. Cut to about 0.

1 cm segment.

3. Add hot spring onion and cowpea.

4. Add cowpea segment.

5. Stir-fry until the outer skin of cowpea wrinkles into a tiger skin.

6, add soy sauce, stir the soy sauce evenly, add rice after boiling.

7. Break the rice and stir fry until the color is even.

8. Add an appropriate amount of salt (you can also add chicken essence) and stir-fry evenly.