[A contraceptive method is the best]_ contraception _ how to do _ how to contraceptive _ contraceptive methods

[A contraceptive method is the best]_ contraception _ how to do _ how to contraceptive _ contraceptive methods



Social life has become richer, and I will also have some impact on us.

Many young people have entered the life of unmarried cohabitation. They have normal physical needs, but are not planning to have children?


When it is a child, it is necessary to perform contraception, which translates into the development of medical treatment. There are also various forms of contraception. We should choose a contraceptive method that suits us. Then let us take a look at that.I hope I can bring you some help.

1, compound contraceptives in steroid hormone contraceptive methods are rarely used in cities.

This menstrual cycle is well controlled. Withdrawal bleeding occurs in 20 days. Everyone thinks it is a menstrual period, and then hit it again.

In addition to the compound prescription, there is also a simple progestin contraceptive injection, which is given once every three months. We call it a long-acting contraceptive.

Soon we will tell you about the buried line that Beijingers say.

We use a special trocar and place it five to seven centimeters above the elbow.

If you can see it in summer with short-sleeved clothes, it also has a very good contraceptive effect, and it can be used for five years.

We have two stitches of subcutaneous implantation for four years.

2. Conflict confidentiality law is the most commonly used male condom in the country. We used to say condoms, but there is still a difference. There are male condoms. The condoms that everyone usually knows are on the street.

Many years ago, there were vaginal veins, which were larger and shallower in diameter. They were placed in the vagina and the cervix and vaginal glands.

Sperm do not enter the female’s reproductive tract during intercourse.

This vaginal vein needs to be replaced in the hospital, but it is very regrettable that this product is not available in our country, so few people use it.

Why put vaginal glucose with a male condom.

It is because the male condom and vaginal vein are combined to set up a female condom.

There is a female symbol in foreign countries. We simply write female condoms.

This one is used a lot in foreign countries and the materials are not the same.

Men now use latex, and women use plastic and polyurethane.

This is domestically produced. It seems that there is no polyurethane material and it is not very mature. What we make is latex.

The function of female condoms to prevent disease is more important than the function of contraception.

One of the most important characteristics is that women are more liberated and can control themselves.

Because of the use of male condoms, there is no way for gay men to not cooperate.

Therefore, the female condom more reflects the autonomy of lesbians.

3. Other contraceptives are rarely used in China. This is a legal cap, which is smaller in diameter and deeper.

This is a new cervical cap with a large tail, which has a hole, this side is combined with the cervix.

The big tail is pressed up, and semen cannot enter the female reproductive tract.

There is also a vaginal sponge, which has a barrier function itself. The spermicide is filled in the gap of the sponge, which has better protection when used.

These are topical contraceptives, and all are spermicides.

This is the same as the detergent we use.

? ?The above is the best detailed answer about a contraceptive method. Different contraceptive methods can exert different effects. For traditional contraceptives, condoms and other contraceptive methods, they have been eliminated by the society.Some of the abnormalities are very large, but the above-mentioned barrier contraceptive methods, and contraceptives, etc. can greatly reduce such injuries.