[Eating a couple of buns a day will not make you fat]_Fat_Obesity

[Eating a couple of buns a day will not make you fat]_Fat_Obesity

For many friends who lose weight, the daily diet needs to be strictly controlled.

Therefore, some people think that the transition of hoe is relatively high, so they will not eat staple food.

But this method is wrong. If we do not eat staple food, it is very easy to lead to a fat body.

Therefore, while supplementing a large number of vegetables every day, you still need to eat some staple foods.

So, how many buns a day will not be fat?

In terms of energy, the energy of rice is indeed lower.

The energy per 100 grams of steamed buns is 233 kcal, and the transfer of rice per 100 grams of rice is 117 kilocalories. This is because rice can have more rice than steamed buns, the same weight of flour and rice. After steaming, the rice is more significant.Relatively speaking, you eat less, which is why rice is consistently lower than steamed buns.

However, weight loss must take into account nutrition. If you look at the nutritional value, there is vitamin B10 in 100 grams of steamed buns.

05 mg, vitamin E0.

86 mg, and rice is zero.

The protein content is also different, the protein content is 7 per 100 grams of steamed bread.

8 grams, while rice is only 2.

6 grams.

Calcium, the content of calcium per 18 grams of steamed bread is 18 milligrams, only 7 milligrams in rice, and the precipitated fiber of steamed bread is richer than rice.

Therefore, the best way is to balance the rice steamed buns. Frequently adjusting the food to eat is the right solution. Now the more important problem is that the diet is too refined, always eating refined rice noodles, and the consumption of fiber is not enough.

The problems brought by this are: first, the vitamins and minerals of the grain, and second, the conversion of fine grains is higher than that of coarse grains, because there is less cellulose, which can be counted after cooking with water, and it eats a lot more than eating coarse grains.

From this perspective, rice is better than steamed buns. If qualitative changes are to occur, the best way is to replace fine grains with miscellaneous grains. This is also advocated in the Chinese Residents Guide: the best staple food every day is miscellaneous grains.