[Can pregnant women eat yellow peel]_ 黄皮 _Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat yellow peel]_ 黄皮 _Pregnancy_Can I eat

After pregnancy, the body needs to supplement nutrition, especially many pregnant women need a lot of vitamins and trace elements. You can occasionally eat some yellow skin during pregnancy, but sometimes try to eat less, because there may be some effects on the bodyHowever, in general, after eating, it can promote digestion and also facilitate absorption, so pregnant women can eat yellow skin.

The nutritional value and efficacy of Huangpi Before solving this problem, let us first understand the nutritional value and efficacy of Huangpi.

It is rich in vitamin C, sugar, organic acids and pectin in the yellow peel, and has the effects of digestion and phlegm elimination, thirst for thirst and thirst; and the sweetness of the yellow peel leaves, and has a wind-dispelling solution, removing phlegmEffect, can effectively prevent and treat cough and cold, abdominal pain, unfavorable urination, increased swelling and other reasons.

In addition to its high nutritional value, Huangpi also has no other special ingredients, so pregnant moms can eat it, but they must be consumed in moderation.

The benefits of mommy’s finishing eating yellow skin.

1) Promote digestion of pregnant yellow peels. It has the effect of promoting digestion, especially some bitter yellow peels, which can stimulate bile secretion, thereby effectively promoting digestion and making absorption functions prosperous.

Therefore, expectant mothers can eat a small amount of yellow skin after a meal or when their appetite is poor, which can improve the effect of promoting digestion and appetite.

2) Prevention of colds and yellow skin also has the effect of flu and general cold.

If expectant mothers are accidentally attacked by influenza during pregnancy, you may try to use yellow peel leaves for five to one or two and take them with decoction.