[Blood Fighting does more harm than good]

[“Blood Fighting” does more harm than good]

Menstrual sex is beneficial and harmless. On the surface, it seems that the amount of bleeding increases later, in fact, the total amount of bleeding and the number of bleeding days decrease.

And orgasm has a good analgesic effect.

Women’s sexual desire changes with the menstrual cycle, and even only during menstruation.

This view is contrary to traditional sex making cannot be “hit red”, but there are also some young people with strong sexual desire who think that occasionally “doing with sex” is not a big hindrance. How do you know?

A andrologist: Menstrual period is not necessary for menstrual warfare. From the perspective of modern medicine or traditional Chinese medicine, menstrual sex is harmful and unhelpful.

There are three reasons: TCM believes that “women’s menstrual affairs are intermingled with each other and cause illness”. The first is endometrial replacement in menstrual women. The replacement of menstrual blood indicates that the endometrial replacement and repair are not completed.Congestion increases the amount of bleeding, which adversely affects women physiologically. The second is that sex during the menstrual period may cause female genital tract infections and affect fertility in the future. The third is psychological effects.How much sexual fun is there if you rarely see blood stains and even get on the bed sheets?